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Who are we?

Hack Club is a global network of diverse computer science clubs where members learn to code. It’s by the students, for the students—we teach each other how to code through tinkering and building projects. Everyone has a place at Hack Club, regardless of whether they are an artist, athlete, or musician. When we say hack, we don't mean that we are trying to break into servers, the word hack has been repurposed to mean making cool projects.

Network across the world.
Network across the world.

What does Hack Club give you?

For starters, you'll get tons of free, amazingly awesome swag! In addition to the global Hack Club Community, you will be able to connect with an amazing alumni network. We will also help you get volunteer opportunities, connections with local tech companies, and priority registration at local tech events.

Why should you join us?

Coding is the closest thing that we have to a superpower. Our generation will be the one to deal with pressing issues, like poverty and climate change (it exists, we promise), and coding enables you to go out and solve those problems. Oh, you don't know how to code? No problem. We will walk you through the ropes from step one.

Network across the world.

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